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What’s New: This year Falcons Field Hockey Club will field 2 Men’s teams in Winter League. We will be
entering a Premiere B team, and a Competitive team and want to invite players from the U-16 and U-18 teams as well as old vets and newcomers to join us. This season will be great for personal growth for the players who commit to full-time. A chance to play with veteran players with national and provincial experience as well as years of Men’s League experience. It’s an opportunity to play all year round and hone your skills and play against a stronger group of players than you are currently used to. Teams will consist of 6-10 veteran players, 6-10 Full-time Junior players. This will be adjusted as positions are filled.

Goals: To continue the process of rebuilding a men’s program and in so doing elevate the play of our U-16 and U-18 junior players for the following Spring League. This is also a chance to further develop those players who have been invited to play in the provincial program and to start a process of elite level player development. Finally to develop the men’s program so that it supports club level players in their personal development, as coaches, players and quality social members. This club had great players at all levels and that’s what made it special to everyone involved. ( Not everyone wants to be an elite level player, some want to be social members and play good competitive hockey. A club needs all of these people to be successful and grow. )

Eligibility: Players must be 14 by Dec. 31 2013 at minimum to be considered. (league rules). Must be able to commit to a full-time position and will be expected to make at least 80% of all games. Must be able to commit to at least 80% of all regular practice sessions scheduled once a week. Players will be evaluated to ensure their safety. Not every player who signs this availability sheet will be ensured a position.

Season: The season starts in early September and runs until April. Roughly twenty weeks plus playoffs. Games are on Sunday primarily, with home game time starting at 3:00pm. Players should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start and communicate well in advance if they cannot make a game.
Home Field: Home field for both teams will be Tamanawis, Surrey. (20 minutes from Tsawwassen at 64th Ave. and 126th street. We will have home games at this field and 1 practice a week at the baptist church gym. Extra turf time for practices will be added for both teams once the season starts.

Costs: Player fees for both teams this upcoming year will include a one-time fee for new uniforms of 75$ including jersey, shorts and socks for a total of $285.00 pr player (This is includes turf times, umpires and gym times).

Players fees = 285.00$ (includes new uniform, gym times, league fees, and umpires)
FHBC Fees = Adult 66$ Junior 33$ (Not a club charge but must be up to date or league will fine us)

* Please Fill out the Online Registration form before August 22nd. Questions, call Guy Manwaring (604-671-3065)
Note: All FHBC fees must be up to date prior to start of the Winter League. Current FHBC expires in August 2013.


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