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Graeme Carswell Award Fund

The Graeme Gordon Carswell “Follow Your Dreams” Award is given to a student who exhibits a passion for life emulating the manner set by Graeme. Graeme’s family and many friends spoke of the virtues by which Graeme conducted his entire life. We feel that a young person who shows similar traits, is worthy of recognition. In particular we’re considering a person who will:

1. Follow their dreams.
2. Live their passions.
3. Always be kind.
4. Be a positive example for their team-mates in whatever sport they play.
5. Be self-less, humble, spontaneous, modest, charismatic and have a sense of humour.
6. Appreciate and love music.
7. Have compassion and respect for others.
8. Give their time freely to mentor younger people.
9. Be genuine.
10. Make a difference.


For donations of different amounts than those listed, multiple donations can be made, or a cheque made payable to Delta Falcons Field Hockey can be mailed to:

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